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VMNetX 0.5.0 released

The Olive client has been updated to version 0.5.0. This release includes support for 64-bit VMs and various other improvements. Note that VMNetX no longer supports Ubuntu 12.04; we recommend upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

For Linux users, the new release is available through your distribution's package manager. Windows users can download the updated installer. The source release is also available.


  • Support 64-bit VMs
  • Show ETA when loading memory image
  • Permit VM settings needed for Windows 7 VMs with memory images
  • Fix excessive CPU usage
  • Support launching thick-client VMs via vmnetx+http/vmnetx+https URLs
  • Register to handle VMNetX URL schemes
  • Deprecate reference (.netx) files
  • Drop support for Ubuntu 12.04
  • Convert vmnetx-generate modes to subcommands